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AliExpress Shopping Experience To Arrive In Brazil

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In a move that joins the online and offline experience in Latin America, FinTech firm EBANX is collaborating with global retail online marketplace AliExpress. The company is planning to roll out a physical store in Curitiba, which features the AliExpress Shopping Experience, according to an announcement.
Kang Huang, the country leader of AliExpress Brazil, said in the announcement, “We are excited to join EBANX’ initiative bringing together the online and offline experience.” Huang continued, “AliExpress is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms in Brazil and we have always explored ways to boost the integration of digital and physical environments, ultimately looking to offer our consumers more choice, fun, and convenience while they shop.”
The store is made up of a 32-meters panel that is installed in one of Curitiba’s biggest shopping malls with physical and digital showcases. An LED screen panel will show technology items sold on the website of AliExpress. The wall will also come with eight “interactive showcases” that have touch TVs. Through those devices, the shopper can get more information about each product and scan a quick response (QR) code to access the website of AliExpress. And two “physical niches” will allow visitors to test out physical products.
According to the announcement, Chinese tech items are broadly popular in Brazil and Latin America. They have “become the first option for many consumers in the region” per the announcement, which also noted that competition among Chinese sellers has risen in recent years. André Boaventura, partner and marketing director of EBANX, said in the announcement, “Today EBANX serves about 150 companies from China, which are selling to Latin American countries using our solutions.”
In separate news, three popular payment companies, Alipay, Adyen and Klarna, have joined together to allow AliExpress shoppers to use Klarna’s “Pay Later” option for eCommerce shopping. The pay later option is enabled through Adyen, the payments provider behind AliExpress. With the new option, shoppers in Austria, the Netherlands, Germany and Finland can choose when and how they wish to pay.