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AliExpress and Wish Lead International E-Commerce in Brazil

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Brazilian payment company Ebanx reported a survey showing the Brazilian’s buying behavior with international sites. The most popular foreign e-commerce in Brazil, according to the study, is AliExpress. The platform belonging to the Chinese group Alibaba had 23.9% of online purchases made here in 2018. Secondly, there is Wish, based in San Francisco-USA (but which has a large supply of Chinese items), with 23, 8%.

“Websites that work with Chinese vendors are at the top of the preference because they have long adapted their shopping experience to the Brazilian consumer. From product mix to payment methods, AliExpress and Wish are brilliant when it comes to understanding habits. of our consumers, “says André Boaventura, partner and chief marketing officer of Ebanx, in an interview with Estadão.

Not even the delivery time kept the Brazilian consumer from buying on these sites, because the sales values ​​are very competitive. According to the survey, 48.1% of people said they consider price to be the main factor for purchases, while 52.2% know that the time it takes for their product to arrive is long. The survey also showed that 38.1% of consumers accept up to 30 days, while 28.6% have no problem with terms up to 45 days.

Even when this period is exceeded, customers understand that the site itself is not always to blame. According to the Ebanx survey, 53.1% blame the Post Office, while 38% point to the IRS as the problem. Stores only carry the blame for 26.4% of people.